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This is Happy Times

Happy Holidays!

Thank you for visiting Happy Times Life where our mission is to encourage you to travel and live in the moment! Maybe a beach or maybe an adventure. Wherever you go we have your back in our lightweight comfortable travel hammocks.

The parachute hammock is compact and lightweight so it is perfect for almost any type of travel. Just throw it in a backpack, luggage or under your car seat so whenever you need a good nap or good night sleep you have the perfect cocoon. 

Check out the Happy Times Life social media pages too. We love to share Facebook videos of places to visit. Our Instagram is a look into our fun and goofy road trip photos.

Hopefully we can inspire you to take the leap of travel and adventures to your dream destinations. Live life to the fullest, see new things and places, talk to strangers, and when you need Happy Times it's always got your back. So get out there, travel, dream and share your experiences with the world. Travel hammocks are everywhere, but, in a Happy Times Hammock it's an inspiration within yourself to create a story with no limits. 

Enjoy Your Journey,

Brooks (human)

Sami (attention seeking 14 year old Labrador)

Max (goof ball 4 year old Great Pyrenees)